Sunset Diner

Playing off the idea of a retro Miami diner, the design evolved to embrace a bright pastel colour palette and bold painted patterns, reminiscent of the art deco architecture of South Beach.

Not taking itself too seriously the project pulls together an assortment of elements and materials; pink glass bricks, neon lights, concrete flooring and polished stainless, the resulting space is bold playful and daring.

The client’s brief was simple, create an impactful design that reinterprets a Miami diner in a fun and appealing way. To this end the design evolved around translating forms found in Miami art deco architecture into different elements of the space – the curved bar, the rounded tables, the wall murals that extend throughout the space, the choice of pink glass brick for the central dividing wall and the curved neon light that mimics the outline of the bar on the ceiling. These subtle translations of art deco architecture are juxtaposed with bold materials and colours: stainless steel table tops edged with aqua vinyl, pink glass bricks against a concrete floor, bright red and pinks of the banquette seat next to the peach and apricot walls. These outgoing design choices built a space that is light-hearted, engaging and different from anything else.