“From finding your new premises,
to the napkins for your tables. We’re your complete hospitality Gurus.”

“From finding your new premises,
to the napkins for your tables. We’re your complete hospitality Gurus.”


The core of GURU is interior design and shopfitting. Our team can provide all required services, including (but not limited to) concept design, design development, all necessary approvals and logistics, budgeting and value engineering, equipment specification, kitchen consulting, finishes and material selection and furniture and lighting specification.

However, the journey really begins before all that. We can assist with finding property, lease negotiation, feasibility assessments and site inspections before we even begin. We have an extensive network of partnerships with the best of the best for other required hospitality services including point of sale, marketing, public relations, tabletop goods, packaging, uniforms, business broking, and much more besides.

When we say end to end, we mean it!

1. Consulting and Project Management

End to end support. That’s what GURU is all about. All you need is an idea – we can help with the rest.

The GURU team are designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, and go-getters. We can add value at every step of your journey. Our real estate partners can help you find the perfect property, our legal partners can help you negotiate the perfect lease. Our team will optimise the space, design a fantastic concept, get all required certifications and licenses, co-ordinate with relevant engineers, and most importantly, provide feasibility budgets and assessments and work with you to value engineer the entire process.

2. Interior Design and Documentation/Certification

Design is more than just colour and texture. GURU believes that great design sits at the intersection between form and function – your venue needs to be a business as well as a work of art. Our design team work with you to optimise your hospitality space, both commercially and aesthetically.

Rustic or Elegant? Vintage or Modern? Minimal or Maximal? The GURU team doesn’t stick to a single aesthetic – we can handle any brief you can dream up. We provide full concept development and refinement, complete certification whether DA or CDC (or both), hydraulic plans, electrical plans, reflected ceiling plans, plans of management, all the plans you could possibly need. Sound like a plan?

3. Shop Fitting and Fabrication

Everyone always asks “Who designed your space?” Never “Who built your space?” GURU wants to change that. Our hospitality builders are the best in the business. We work efficiently, we handle all logistics and administration. We will even bend space and time to ensure that you get as much storage as you possibly can.

High quality shopfitting and fabrication are just as important as any other phase. It’s time to give shopfitters the credit they deserve!

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“The work GURU did was impressive on multiple levels.
I have been very happy about the whole process and they have done a great job. They were fast to deliver new ideas and always helpful with our questions!”