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We’re an energetic, approachable, tight-knit, agile team of interior designers, project managers, joiners, and estimators. We’re all driven to push the boundaries with each new project; and nothing thrills us more than seeing a render become real-life. We’re united by our love of beautiful, high-quality materials, and creating spaces that people are impressed by and want to spend time in.

David Veksler

Founder, Director

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. My first venture was in high school. I founded e-Tech, an online company which imported and distributed electronics. However, hospitality has been the area in which I found my true calling. I love the fast pace, the creativity, and the need to constantly improve. To date I have lead over 300 hospitality design and fit out projects.

I try to build high trust relationships in all areas of life and business. This includes not only clients but suppliers, strategic partners, and of course my amazing team. Everyone at GURU is creative, hard-working, and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals.

In my limited spare time I love spending time with my kids and family, gardening and renovating, training, and having a nice glass of wine by the fire with friends while discussing anything and everything.


Founder, Creative Director

My passion for design started as a young child. My father was an architect, and it was through his eyes and his blueprint that I developed my love for aesthetics, form, and function. I live and breathe design.

David and I founded GURU together in 2014. I laid the groundwork for the interior design processes and procedures which we follow today. During my career I have developed a wealth of experience designing interior spaces for hospitality, which informs my approach to conceptual development.

As Creative Director I have been fortunate enough to work on hundreds of projects, and to explore the world while doing so. I constantly seek out new experiences, and I strive to incorporate new and different understandings of beauty into my spaces.



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