With a brief to create a bustling dining room and moody inviting bar reflective of a late-night supper club, the concept combined the mysterious and cinematic aesthetic of film noir with the comforting warmth and excited buzz of the speakeasy. The final layout places the bar as the primary feature of the space.

Upon entering, the bar is directly in front of the customer and all sight lines lead towards it. The kitchen, with it’s custom pizza oven is located in the back right corner of the tenancy whilst the back left corner is occupied by a custom wine cellar. Banquette joinery creates pockets and hideaway spaces for patrons to enjoy a meal or private drink.

Located on level 2 of the Queen Victoria Building, the tenancy had been previously fit out as a restaurant however still presented the team with challenges. Feature heritage moldings of the facade walls was required to be retained, and all windows were to remain visible. The centrally located bar required a raised floor and specialist pump out system to handle drainage, and the kitchen also required a raised floor for services. Rich timbers, dark marble black velvet and feature mosaics create the moody palette.