Went To See The Gypsy

A contemporary yet classic flagship café for the Gypsy Espresso coffee roasters brand, with the focus centering around a one of a kind coffee brew bar that showcases the brand’s coffee as well as the cutting-edge mod bar coffee system. The client wanted to focus on well finished, simple, high quality materials to juxtapose against the industrial warehouse aesthetic of the site.

Located in a warehouse conversion in the trendy inner west suburb of Alexandria the clients wanted to really play-off and underscore the existing space. Leaving exposed timber ceilings and polishing back the mixed concrete and terrazzo flooring to reveal the varied aggregates. All new materials were chosen to integrate seamlessly with this existing structural fabric, from the close weave rattan for the screens, the European oak veneer to the ivory leather cushions and the grey terrazzo for the brew bar. The main focus of this venue was undoubtedly the Brew Bar – a sleek stand-alone bar dedicated to coffee service, completely custom built and clad in grey terrazzo. It features a Mod Bar custom built into the joinery which is a pour over coffee system where the bulk of the coffee machinery is hidden below the bench creating a much cleaner aesthetic and allowing the baristas to interact more with the customers.