Hidden Source

The Hidden Source located on the hustle & bustle of Bondi Road. A dimmed, cave like sanctury, providing a harmonious environment for its patrons. Its modern interpretation of the crystal world welcomes clientele of all ages and believes. The retail space is versatile and can adapt and change from retail to workshop, whilst therapy space to include healing and consulting rooms for its customers. It is the new age crystal therapy store. Cove lighting gleams through the curved ceiling space from above. Rendered, textured, cave like curves in the ceilings and walls. Soft textured drapes behind window display and in consultation/treatment rooms adds femininity to the retail space. Gradient colour movements on the counter bench, retail display plinth and curtains. Organic shapes to complement all the walls and ceiling spaces to create a cave like experience as well as holes in the walls for cyrstal display. Halo behind wall logo is a reference to the sun, the moon and the solar eclipse. A ceiling which delineates the comos, the galaxy and the constellation through the organic shaped holes in the ceiling skylight.