The Choc Pot

Project Details

“Live Cheeky” is the catchy tag line of the concept café, and that is exactly the bubbly vibe that owners Deirdre Tshein and Ashley Clarke portray. Their values and business ethos harmoniously blend together. Much like a reflection of the relationship of the two, the café operates vibrantly. To Live cheeky: “It comes down to life and how to just live happy and cheeky, indulge, and be positive, it’s for mental health,” owner Deirdre explained. “To be fun and light in the seriousness of everything else. It’s what truly represents us, how we live and how we want to portray us and our business. People truly connect and understand who we are just form that line.”
The pair is adamant on the notion of consistency, throughout service, operation, and product- a crucial component which supports a smooth management as the new stores roll out.
Coming from two completely different professional backgrounds (her from finance and him from medicine), when the first Choc Pot store was just a concept in 2013, Deirdre and Ash were more than happy to build a close relationship with the Guru Team, to lean on them for the best possible outcome for their store.

  • Client: THE CHOC POT
  • Tasks: Design, Construction, Council/PCA Approvals, Branding, Equipment, Finance