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Testimonial – Nick Svinos

“I first came across David Veksler from Guru Projects when he did café building work for my brother and my cousin.  I liked the high quality of the jobs that he did so when I needed to have another café built from scratch I decided to give David a try. One of the things I appreciate about using David is how flexible he is. I made a few changes in our project and it was really easy to have these changes made.

David had a great team on the job and everything was done straightaway and to a high standard. The whole building process was very easy. I also really like the in-depth knowledge that David has around cafes, shop fitting materials, equipment and so on.  Because of this knowledge David was able to give me very helpful advice during the building process. A good example is where he bought to my attention different brands of equipment that I had never heard of. David  recommended these highly and said they were great to use. I was a bit sceptical but took his advice and I’m thrilled I did. The cooking equipment he recommended is just terrific and I’ve very happy with it.

I’ve been involved in 15-20 café fit outs over the years and would use David and Guru Projects for a future fit out as well. Working with David was very easy and straightforward with no hiccups. Being on campus means there is always a lot of red tape and meetings involved in building a café. David attended every meeting and explained clearly what was happening at each step of the shop fit process and this made my life a lot less stressful.

Pricewise Guru Projects are not the cheapest in the market place. They are also not the most expensive either. I could have probably had my café fit out done for $60,000 – $70,000 cheaper if I had used a shop fitter who was happy to do the work for a low price. However, you have to compare apples with apples. I’ve seen the work of a number of shop fitters who undercut anyone at any price. You definitely get what you pay for when you use people like this.  Their work is always rough around the edges.

Now I’m very fussy about the finish and look of everything in my café. I want my stainless steel and tiling and everything else to look and feel great. If it’s not perfect I’ll rip it up and have it done again. With David all his edges were filed so there were no sharp edges for staff to cut themselves on, the tiles are all nice and even and look great.

On any building project there are always a few little repairs that need doing once the project is completed. With David all I do is get on the phone, explain what needs fixing and within 10 minutes someone was on site getting that done. In fact David stayed in touch regularly for over a year and was always checking to make sure I was happy with everything he had done for me. David is not just a supplier now he’s more like a friend who is always looking for ways to be of help. I’ve regularly recommended David to other people I know and I’m very happy I’ve used him myself.”

Nick Svinos

Coffee on Campus

Harry’s Bondi – The Legendary Local.

By now you’ve seen hundreds of eye catching aqua blue coffee cups walking around Bondi Beach and beyond. Harrys Bondi has always had a market position in the eastern suburbs, but last summer the team decided to take things to a whole new level. Owners, Harry, Chris and Maria were ready to start fresh, teaming up with Guru Projects, removing the legendary convencience store and Laundromat, to make way for an inspiring and award winning design concept.

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Cafe Bondi

The iconic Cafe Bondi situated in the epicentre of Hall street has seen generations of families brunching and sipping coffee for over 20 years. Owner Kerry Gu sat down with Guru Projects to discuss the new vision and the future of the Cafe.

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The Eat, Drink, Design awards

The Shortlist for the Eat-Drink-Design Awards have recently been announced with the exciting news that one of Guru’s latest projects Harrys Bondi has been shortlisted for Best Cafe Design… crossing all our designing fingers and toes!

See entire shortlist here.

Coffee On Campus Interview

Sink or swim: How Nick Svinos stays successful in hospitality after 30 years.

When it comes to staying above the water in the hospitality industry, the trick is according to owner of Coffee On Campus, Nick Svinos “to do your research and know your environment”.

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Retail, 76 Mitchell Road, Alexandria

Above is the rendering and attached are the details of 2 retail premises which is under construction due for completion March 2016.
The property is located on the corner of Mitchell Road and Fountain Street.

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The Choc Pot: Taking chocolate to the next level.

The Choc Pot is quickly becoming one of Sydney’s hot spots as a specialty chocolate café. It is also one of the fastest growing businesses, with two existing stores (Chatswood and Burwood) and two more set to open by the end of 2015; all designed and built by Guru Projects.

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Gurus of Design: Broadsheet

BY NICOLA HEATH 03rd June 2015

One of Sydney’s newest design studios has quickly established a portfolio that includes some of the city’s most exciting hospitality venues.

The feel of a bar, cafe or restaurant either triumphs or falls flat thanks to one essential element – atmosphere.

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Seasonal menus and double-paired wines run this brand new blink-and-you’ll-miss-it basement space.

He’s created culinary delights for Cate Blanchett, David Beckham and U2, now chef Nelly Robinson (formerly of the Aria group) wants to cook for you. Snuggled in an underground bunker-style space in Surry Hills, Robinson’s brand new London-like eatery nel. restaurant is the city’s newest ‘progressive dining’ spot.

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